Bhutan 7 Days/6 Nights Spiritual healing tour
13th to 19th Feb 2017.


If wondering what is in spirituality, scroll up. Prepare yourself for something entirely different from what you may have seen in Asia, or elsewhere. Located high in the Himalayan mountains between India and Tibet, along with the view of the Mount Everest Mountain and K2 Mountains(2 highest mountains in the world). On this 7-days venture, experience the power of the mystical mountains, magnificent sacred temples and the richly preserved culture of this last Buddhist Kingdom. Also, explore Healing in Bhutan along the true Bhutanese, discovering their unique perspectives and enjoying in the light of their inspiring happiness-filled spirits! It is said that you’d feel the change in the air the moment one arrives Bhutan, the spiritual serenity and the poetically beautiful Himalayas would stun you! Bhutan Medical Approach: The Bhutanese art of healing is a highly sophisticated traditional practice that has withstood the passage of time. Buddhist’s medicines seek for an integrated psychological and medical approach to understanding the causes as well as treatment of illness. It requires a profound understanding of physical, emotional and metaphysical interrelationships as experienced on the universal macrocosmic and the human microcosmic levels. The significance of the Medicine given by Buddha, the Supreme Healer in Bhutanese medicine for liberating the individual from suffering is an exemplary metaphor for the mystical elements which are universally inherent in the healing tradition. The tradition is truly a holistic approach to the problem of suffering, both individual suffering and suffering as an universal condition. Each day of the 7 days would involve focusing on Healing and Rejuvenation—there’ll be sunrise meditation classes at ancient temples, receive therapeutic healings in the monasteries, enjoy walking meditations through sparkling green paddies, and learn traditional Bhutanese healing remedies such as Sowai Rigpa and lot more.

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